Vehicle Marine grade aluminum hull with stainless steel hardware
  Depth 750 ft.
  Dimensions 34" x 30" x 20" (LxWxH)
  Weight 80 lbs.
  Crash frame

Tubular marine grade aluminum

Propulsion Permanent magnet direct current
  Horizontal 60 lbs. forward thrust
  Vertical 30 lbs. thrust
Video System Colour or Black & White (NTSC/PAL)
  Camera Colour Black & White
  Image Sensor " CCD 180 pan/tilt " CCD 180 pan/tilt
  Resolution 470 TVL 570 TVL
  Sensitivity Better than 1 Lux. Better than 0.13 Lux.
  Lights 500-Watts (2 x 250W) fully variable
Umbilical Cable Neutrally buoyant in salt water, Kevlar reinforced (700 lbs.)
  Length 500 ft.
  Diameter 0.78"
  Weight 107 lbs.
  Spares 6 twisted pair
Control Console Housed within a transit case
  Power 3600 Watts single phase 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
  Dimensions 24" x 22" x 15" (LxWxH)
  Weight 90 lbs.
Hand Controller
  • Light weight aluminum box with 25ft. of cable
  • 2 axis joystick for horizontal thruster control
  • Rotary control knobs for lights and vertical thruster
  • Spring centering switches for remote pan and tilt
  • *Video annotation
    (graphic display of sensors with write on capability)
  • *Flux gate compass *Pressure sensor
  • *Rear looking video camera
  • *Additional 500 Watts of fully variable lighting
  • *60 more lbs. of forward thrust
  • *30 more lbs. of vertical thrust
  • *Lateral thruster
  • Vehicle transit case
  • Manipulator arms
  • Additional cable and/or multiple lengths
  • Sonar
  • Acoustic positioning
  • Extended depth rating
  *Standard with Hydrobot Upgrade Package
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